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Zzie COVID-19 masks, APPROVED 9452/2020 CITEVE: Reusable Face Masks, Professional Use (Level 2) - 25 washing cycles

Our best seller is the reusable face mask certified by CITEVE.

Our masks have two internal filters wrapped in a 100% cotton textil fabric.

We developed a breathable and comfortable mask that can be used for long periods of time without hurting the ears and the nose.

We achieved great breathing, permeable and comfort results in all the performed tests.

We offer masks with ties or elastics. The ties are advisable for longer uses, reducing the pressure exerted on the back of the ear.

We now produce different sizes: Child (up to 8 years old) , Junior (8-15 years old) , Adult and Adult L.

Our face masks are available in black and white, with variable patterns in the nose band where the nose bridge is located.

Our products are available in our online shop – www.zzie.com.pt , pharmacies, supermarkets and in other resellers platforms. We are opened for new business partners and market opportunities.

Every masks is individually packed with a adjustable nose bridge and the information leaflet.