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Conheça os produtos ou serviços desta empresa.

Since February, when Europe got the first Covid-19 cases, we noticed that the orders were about 20% less than previous years.

When everybody was sure that the problem was going to be dramatic, we just stop selling our products. Sails for all kinds of sailing boats.

Soon we fund that all EPI needed are coming from China and we wont be able to get all needed.

The media was starting to show some textile companies moving from their core business to the manufacture of masks. The face shields were still missing.

Using only raw materials we had in stock, we could produce the first 80 face shields in two days. Next day we had an order of 300. The following day 3.000, and numbers grow every day during the first month.

We decided that “Homeless” organizations will get them free, Doctors and nurses that ask them individually will have also the option to have them free.

To be able to deliver all the orders we got, we contracted 18 more workers. To prevent a full shut down in case of anybody was found infected, were divided the workforce in two groups and have separated working hours.

Face shields was not a product that we knew, so the learning curve to improve our products had to be really leaning. In the end we found that our face shields were one of the most comfortable of the market, and because we used maritime raw materials, they were also very resistant.

We created a new brand to use in the face shields – PL Saúde