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ROQ is a company specialized in designing, producing and retailing automatic screen-printing machines around the world. With 36 years of experience, with the arise of the COVID19 around the world we immediately realised two things: The world economy will change and that we have all the necessary capabilities to help the world fight back the pandemic.

A project was defined and the engineering department started developing. The goal was to fast design and produce a machine capable of producing surgical masks attending to the international norms and with a production of 100 masks per minute.

The first units of the ROQ Mask are now leaving production and we are getting a very positive feedback from the European market. It produces surgical masks Type I and Type II, uses ultrasound to weld the material and each mask can have up to 4 layers. The production method includes the elastic and the nasal clip.

Europe finally has an alternative to purchasing this equipment from Asia. The ROQ Mask is 100% designed and produced in Europe.

As an effort ROQ is designing other machines to produce different Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that will help saving lives across Europe and the World.