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Conheça os produtos ou serviços desta empresa.

PPTEX, a Portuguese company, was performing well at the beginning of the year and quickly was faced with a new reality. All orders were put on hold due to the circumstances surrounding COVID-19.

From the outset PPTEX strived to produce the highest quality and most efficient mask available in the market, they named it Protect Others. This paid off when the EU released the CWA 17553:2020 norm, making the Protect Others mask the first Covid-19 qualified mask in Portugal. With over 90% particle filtration, the mask also guarantees this level of filtration for over 50 washes.

Many businesses globally, as well as the largest employer in Portugal, have supplied all their employees with Protect Others masks.

Beyond the success of the masks, PPTEX has developed new protective products for hospital use, such as coveralls, gowns, gaiters and head covers.

Also, a major positive impact from PPTEX's innovation, were the 500 jobs that were saved from the increased production demands.