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Injex - Pinheiro de Lacerda is a portuguese industrial company dedicated to the manufacture of technical components by injection of thermoplastic polymers, as well as the development of products and manufacturing processes.

It was founded in January 2003 and registered the trademark Injex.

The Quality Management System, implemented and certified since 2007, proved to be a powerful instrument for systematizing good practices.

Injex introduces innovation in the production process to increase the company's competitiveness, flexibility and productive capacity.

We received the Famalicão Visão 25 seal in 2016, was considered a PME Líder company in 2012 and 2017 and received the Empresa Caixa TOP award in 2019.

Recent Facts:
- The entry of new products and customers,
- The satisfaction expressed by current customers,
- The policy of continuous market prospecting,
- The new hospital personal protection product under development,
- The new digital technologies that are being implemented,
- The different investment projects in progress.

Expectations: To keep growing.