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COINDU, a multinational group founded in Portugal in 1988, has approximately 5 000 workers in 5 countries.

The Company is a referenced player in the production of seat covers, focused on Luxury and Premium segments, such as Aston Martin, Lotus, Lamborghini, Porsche, Audi, BMW, Volvo, and VW.

Due to COVID 19 pandemic, which forced COINDU to suspend temporarily the activity in all units, and in order to support the Global effort to minimize the face masks supply shortage, COINDU SA top management have decided to convert part of our resources into the manufacturing of certified European masks. Taking advantage of COINDU recognized technological level and know how, using the automotive process industrialization best practices, COINDU, started the development and testing of: single use masks, reusable social masks and surgical type I masks.

Less than two months, after the mask project kick off, COINDU already have its own disposable use and reusable social masks, approved by CITEVE and ISQ