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Conheça os produtos ou serviços desta empresa.

By sharing know-how, raw material and workforce with other factories based at North of Portugal, CALVELEX started to develop an unisex uniform to be worn by healthcare workers, who have been massively recruited as response to Coronavirus pandemic in the past couple months. 

Besides the uniform, which includes tunic, pant and lab coat, it was also developed Personal Protective Equipment which include gowns and coveralls. Made with innovative materials that allow their reuse, these materials are not only part of an urgent response but also environment friendly solutions. Soon, the need of masks for general use became a demand and CALVELEX developed a three-layer solution with high performance in particle filtration, following the norms used for surgical devices. This mask is reusable up to 25 times and has been one of the many aids to the community recovery. All these developments follow the requirements stablished by Portuguese Government. 

As result of the economy collapse, many fashion companies adapt their productions to this kind of devises, promoting fashionable protective (and innovative!) resources and having in CALVELEX the perfect partner.